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emerging church postcards : Germany


For words about the image : birth : values : music: mission

Words about the image; The picture has been taken at our service for pentecost. Everybodys mouth has been ducttaped and we had to communicate through a little blackboard and chalk (inspired by the situation Zacharias found himself in; Luke 1). At a certain moment during the service we took off the ducttape and sang a song of praise together. It has been a very intense service which helped us to understand that we gained our voice through the Holy Spirit.

How were you as an emerging community birthed?; In 2001 some friends met in living rooms to dream about living their lives with Christ and together as a community of faith according to the people we are. Since then we walked on, at some points it has been a stumbling forward, sometimes there has been secure steps…

What do you as an emerging community value?; We are an open community of people, who share spirituality, foster creativity, live as friends, and are committed to spread justice.

What music track sums up your year?; Karate: This Day Next Year

What was your best mission moment in 05?; Our best mission moment might have been the moment we took off our ducttapes and realized we have been given a voice. Everyone has a voice from God to communicate with his and her surroundings. In that way I would suggest that our best mission moment has been the deepening understanding that itÂ’s our own lives who communicate with our surroundings and not any mission enterprise. in my place it means being light when i am shopping, riding my skateboard, changing diapers and waiting on the bus – just living my live spreading the love of God.

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