Sunday, October 28, 2007

God the furniture restorer

Which for me becomes an image of what God’s like. God is in the recycling and restoration business. God never starts fresh, with a blank slate. Because people just aren’t like that. In reality, all people are damaged by years of sin and misery and self-harm. And God never says to human beings, “Stuff it. You’re useless. I’m going to destroy you and start again.”

Instead God recycles and restores. Walks the demolition yards of our city every day. Takes what looks less than perfect, like junk, from the demolition yard. Strips it back. Finds the grain. Works it creatively. God the restorer and recycler.

This was a bit from my Sunday sermon, on the prophet Micah. Those interested in these images of God might also want to engage with a reflection I did on God the hairdresser.

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