Thursday, April 28, 2011

meeting a tallskinnykiwi: that charism that is Andrew Jones

It was 1999 and I was invited to participate in a US conference on new forms of church. I arrived and experienced a moment of profound disorientation. Despite the billing – new forms of church – the band were playing songs. They were then followed by the preacher. Who talked for well over 45 mins.

I left the first session in disbelief, trying to get my head around how songs + long preaching = new forms of church.

In the backrow was a stranger, who leaned across, introduced himself as a Kiwi and offered to take me for coffee. With gentle humour and some well told stories he fleshed out for me some of the history and background to what I was experiencing.

That moment for me sort of captures the ministry of one Andrew Jones Aka Tallskinnykiwi. A person with a profound sensitivity for those on the fringes. Combined with an ability to build bridges and promote understanding.

It’s a privilege to have him with us today in Adelaide. We’re working him hard

  • a media interview
  • discussion with faculty about training pioneers
  • coffee shop gathering to encourage those pioneering
  • a more public session on using social media in ministry
  • another more public session on the justice of social media

and hoping that through Andrew we might see some fringes blessed and some bridges built.

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