Saturday, January 16, 2010

opawa farewell

Today we are farewelled by Opawa. It will be sad time. Yet perhaps also a God-honouring time, as we become thankful for the work of God’s spirit through God’s people at Opawa over the last 6 years.

So the Taylor family sat in a cafe and asked each other what we’ve appreciated about Opawa. In no particular order:

  • the welcome, initial and ongoing. We’ve found people at Opawa to be consistently warm and open, captured in the the big hug from Ngaire, waiting to greet me on my first Tuesday of work.
    a willingness to change. You at Opawa said you were when you called us and mostly you have demonstrated that. One small way has been your willingness to try new things, different ways of responding to God in worship.
  • the way you have welcomed our kids, taken the time to appreciate them as individuals and as people, sent them cards, prayed for them.
  • KIDZTIME. It works. It’s age appropriate and interesting. And lots of effort is put in by the teachers.
  • People at Opawa get on and do stuff. People make an effort and things happen at Opawa.
  • Koru (the intermediate youth programme) is really good for community people, but being there has helped our kid grow and gain in confidence.
  • you said there weren’t any “pastor’s wifes” expectations and that has been Lynne’s experience. She didn’t do anything for a season and that was OK. Then she became increasingly involved and that was OK too. (Please extend that “no expectations” courtesy to the next “spouse”
  • The kids have had opportunities to serve – to help with data projector and speak at Grow, to welcome people at door, help with the kids at Grow and sing upfront
  • the space to do and try lots of things – adding congregations, ministries, Bible days etc.

Opawa, you’ve been our church family for the last 6 years and we, the Taylor’s have loved being among you. We’ll miss you.

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