Monday, March 04, 2013

regional delivery: taking training from college to community

Uniting College this year is exploring regional delivery. This involves us running selected courses, not at College, but in churches. For 2013, these are experiments – assessing the impact on our energy levels as a College, working to see if these are mutual partnerships, with us gaining students and churches gaining ground with discipleship and in mission.

As a College we serve a broad church and we’ve tried to identify a range of contexts, from rural to urban to suburban and across the theological spectrum. We want churches that are hubs, that see themselves serving their regions. This will take quite some time to bed down, to work out if it’s mutual, but for 2013, the partnerships include

I’ve already advertised Sense Making Faith on my blog. Just out today is Spirituality for 21st century disciples.

Monday Nights from 29th April : Seeds Uniting Church, or Thursday Nights from 2nd May : Hope Valley Uniting.

We shall be exploring elements involved in being a follower of Jesus Christ in the midst of modern culture. This will be through an informed biblical foundation, as well how our experience of God shapes faith. We shall also explore how to make ethical decisions, and ways to live a full, vital life in modern Australia.

Times: 7:30pm – 9:30pm at both places.

All of us at College are looking forward to seeing what might emerge as we partner with local churches and begin to find ourselves directly participating in their local mission.

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