Saturday, June 03, 2006

spirit, church and mission

As part of our Spirit of life festival, I was doing a talk on the Spirit and church. It was a mixed group, young and old, who had gathered to love God with their minds. In other words, to think.

So I showed them Rublevs Icon. (Click here if you want to view image) I suggested that;
When we talk about the Spirit, we are talking about a flow of love.
When we talk about the Spirit and church, we must talk about a flow of love.

Then in groups they discussed the implications of this for our worship; our community; our mission. Here is what a group of our younger people read out.

Mission doesn’t mean you have to go out into a secluded area. It is everywhere! But you need community to back you up and each person in that community is doing a mission of their own based on what and how the Holy Spirit manifests in them (i.e. to pray from someone “out there” is to participate in the mission flow.

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