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first entry

hey, this is my first entry in my new blog.

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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Liquid Church

In liquid church, Pete Ward takes a deep swim in postmodern waters. While many are just trying to dog paddle, Ward explores ways for the church to incarnationally flourish in our contemporary culture….


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Who is Steve Taylor?

Steve Taylor is Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and Senior Lecturer, Flinders University. Prior roles include Principal and Director of Missiology, Uniting College of Leadership and Theology; Senior Pastor, Opawa Baptist; Senior Lecturer, Laidlaw College and Pastor, Graceway Baptist Church. Steve speaks and writes widely on mission, theology and leadership in cultures of change. He is married to Lynne and they enjoy Shannon and Kayli, exploring, gardening and coffee.


Ph.D                                                  University of Otago, 2004

M.Theol (1st class hons)                    University of Auckland, 1996

B.Theology                                        University of Auckland, 1995

B.Horticulture                                    Lincoln University, 1992

Teaching positions:

Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (2015-)

Senior Lecturer, Flinders University (2010-)

Principal, Uniting College of Leadership and Theology (UCLT), (2012-2015)

Director of Missiology, Post-Graduate Coordinator, UCLT (2010-2012)

Laidlaw College, Christchurch, Senior Lecturer (2004-2009)

Carey Baptist College Adjunct Lecturer (1994-2003)

Adjunct Lecturer at Fuller Theological Seminary, University of Otago, Charles Sturt University, Tabor College, Parkin-Wesley College

Guest lecturer at Kings College, Aberdeen University, London Bible College, Cliff College


Excellence in Teaching Award, Faculty of Education, Humanity, Law, Flinders University (2014)

University of Otago PhD Scholarship (2001-2003)

University of Auckland Theology prize (1995)

Publications Academic (selected):

“The complexity of authenticity in religious innovation: “alternative worship” and its appropriation as Fresh expressions,” M/C Journal 18 (1), 2015.

“Review: Yarta Wandatha,” Uniting Church Studies 20 (2), 2015, 69-71.

“Let “us” in the sound: the transformative elements in U2′s live concert experience,” U2: TRANS- , Going Across, Above, and Beyond with U2, edited by S Calhoun, Lexington Books, 2014, 105-121.

“This is my body? A post-colonial investigation of indigenous Australian communion practices,” Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Theology: Storyweaving in the Asia-Pacific, edited by M. Brett and S. Havea, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 201-217.

“The Congregation in a Pluralist Society: Rereading Newbigin for Missional Churches Today,” Pacifica: Australasian Theological Studies 27 (2), 2014, 1-24, (co-authored with D. Cronshaw).

“Embodiment and transformation in the context of e-learning,” Learning and Teaching Theology: Some Ways Ahead, edited by In Les Ball and J. Harrison, Morning Star, 2014, 171-184.

“Public Lament,” Spiritual Complaint: The Theology and Practice of Lament, edited by MJ Bier & T Bulkeley, Pickwick Publishers, 2013, 205-227, (co-authored with E. C Boase).

“Book Review: Christian Scharen, ed., Explorations in Ecclesiology and Ethnography,” International Journal Practical Theology 17 (2), 2013.

“Baptist Worship and Contemporary Culture: A New Zealand Case Study,” Interfaces. Baptists and Others, edited by David Bebbington and Martin Sutherland, Paternoster, 2013, 292-307.

“The Emerging Church in New Zealand,” Gospel After Christendom: Essays in honour of Eddie Gibbs, edited by Ryan Bolger, BakerBooks, 2012, 17-31.

“U2,” Don’t Stop Believin’. Pop Culture and Religion from Ben-Hur to Zombies, edited by Craig Detweiler, Robert K. Johnston and Barry Taylor, Westminster John Knox Press, 2012, 125-127.

““Bullet the Blue Sky”: the evolving live concert performances,” Exploring U2: Is This Rock ‘n’ Roll? edited by Scott Calhoun, Scarecrow Press, 2011, 84-97.

“When land is layered: Jacob in conversation with coloniser (James Cook) and colonised (Te Horeta Te Taniwha),” The Gospel and the Land of Promise, edited by Philip Church, Tim Bulkeley, Tim Meadowcroft and Peter Walker, Pickwick, 2011, 133-146.

“Reading “pop-wise”: the very fine art of “making do” when reading the Bible in bro’Town,” The Bible in/and Popular Culture: A Creative Encounter, edited by Phil Culbertson and Elaine Wainwright, Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, 2010, 157-172.

“A Pneumatology for an Everyday Theology: Whither the Anonymous Spirit in Luke 10:1-12?” The Spirit of Truth: Reading Scripture and Constructing Theology with the Holy Spirit, edited by Myk Habets, Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon, 2010, 41-56.

“Even The Dogs Eat the Crumbs That Fall From Their Masters’ Table”: A Contemporary Reflection on The Sacramentality of Communion” Colloquim 39 (2), 2007, 209-225.

“The Post-Evangelical Emerging Church: Innovations in New Zealand and the UK,” International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 6 (1), 2006, 49-64 (co-authored with Matthew Guest).

“Looking closer at Sieger Koder’s The Last Supper: Who will take this cup?” in Farben des Lebens, Schwabenverlag, 2005, 154-160.

“Doing practical research downunder: a methodological reflection on recent trends in Aberdonian practical theology,” Contact 142 (1), 2003, 2-21.

“Scars on the Australasian Heart: Anzac Day as a contextual atonement Image,” New Zealand Journal of Baptist Research 6,2001, 48-74.

“Pai Marire: Mission, Cultures in Technicolour,” New Zealand Journal of Baptist Research 2, 1998, 25-46.

Publications Industry (selected):

Built for Change: Innovation and collaboration in leadership. Adelaide: Mediacom (accepted for publication)

“Inhabiting Our Neighbourhoods: Plot by plot, plant by plant,” Inhabiting Our Neighbourhoods, Urban Seed’s new Urban Studies Centre (in press).

“Theology needs Art,” Seasons of the Spirit 2013.

“Starting Old – A re-resurrection,” Australian Leadership 5 (5), 2013, 15-17

“Seeking holy ground,” The Journey, 2012.

“Fresh Expressions of the Uniting Church.” Australian Leadership 5 (1), 2012, 7-9.

“What reaches emerging young adults?” Australian Leadership 3(6), 2011, 10-12.

“A Uniting Church and Emerging Church?” Cross Purposes 21, 2010, 3-8.

“Creating space for innovation,” Curating Worship, edited by Jonny Baker, SPCK, London, 2010, 129-138.

“A Kiwi Emerging Church? Yeah Right!” in New Vision, New Zealand Vol III (2008), ed. Bruce Patrick, Tabernacle Books, Auckland, 2008, 311-324.

“Participation and an atomized world: A contemporary reflection on Christ as representative New Adam” in Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross, edited by Mark Baker, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, 2006, 103-110.

The Out of Bounds Church? Learning to Create a Community of Faith in a Culture of Change, Zondervan, 2005. Translated into Korean, 2008.

Films reviews, Touchstone, 500 words in length, monthly since 2005, 96 in total.

Research funding attained:

Indigenous Women’s Christologies project (2014)                $1200

Evaluation of Pioneer Leader Training (2013)                        $5000

Conference Presentations Academic (selected):

“Revaluing the lives we teach: the pedagogies we employ and the Gospel truths they deploy,” ANZATS, Sydney, 2015. (Being submitted to Journal of Adult Theological Education).

“Activist research: an examination of lived practices in ethnography and ecclesiology,” Ecclesiology and ethnography conference,” Durham, 2015. (Being submitted to Ecclesial Practices Journal).

“A class above: Evidence based action research in a higher education context,” HERGA, Adelaide, 2015.

“Rae ki te Rae (face to face): Analysing the performances of ecclesiological innovation,” Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership Invited lecture, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2015.

“A sociological parsing of everyday religious innovation,” TASA, Adelaide, 2015.

“Theological education in leadership formation” Beyond Education, Melbourne, 2014.

“Let me in the sound: the role of one liners in the live concert experience of U2,” U2 Academic Conference, Cleveland, USA, 2013.

“Embodiment and transformation in the context of e-learning.” Teaching and Learning, Sydney, 2013.

“Ecclesiology and Ethnography: “down under”ANZATS, New Zealand, 2013.

Conference Presentations Industry (selected):

Keynote (4), General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, Auckland, 2014.

Keynote (3), National Ministers Conference, Uniting Church in Australia, in three locations, Sydney, rural Queensland and Jerusalem, 2014.

Keynote (3), Press Go, Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, Wellington, 2014.

Keynote, Uniting Church National Presbytery Ministers Conference, Barossa, 2014.

Keynote, Uniting Church National Rural Ministers Conference, Barmera, 2013.

Keynote, Catholic Education, Adelaide, March 2012.

Keynote (3), Summer Spirit, Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia, Perth, 2012.

Keynote, Australasian Religious Press Assocation, Adelaide, 2011.

Keynote (3), Diocese of Adelaide Anglican Church Clergy Conference, Barossa, 2011.

Keynote, Synod of South Australia and Northern Territory Lutheran Church, Murray Bridge, 2011.

Contact details:
Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership
Knox College, Arden Street, Opoho, Dunedin 9010
DDI:  03 473 0783
Cellphone: 022 155 2427

Twitter: @emergentkiwi



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