Thursday, May 01, 2008

flight of the emerging

Kiwi duo Flight of the Concords 1st album has debuted at No. 3 in US charts. Best ever preformance by a Kiwi band, including Crowded House. I love Flight of Concords. Got the DVD for my most recent birthday.

Note to self: re-release my Out of Bounds Church book? as an album. Call it Flight of the Emerging. Fuse with Youtube comedy show titled NZOOMA, of struggling New Zealand author, living in Christchurch New Zealand, trying to make it in New York, battling emergentTM franchise club owners and trendy missional public. Find myself some Rob Bell glasses and add a Dan Kimball comb over (more to comb than Paggitt or TSK though!). Hoping like hell that everyone who reads this note to self has a good sense of humour.

Posted by steve at 11:44 AM