Friday, April 02, 2010

easter 2010

The Taylor family are all really excited. Moving from pastor at Opawa to teaching at Uniting college means that Easter 2010 marks my first Easter break in 16 years. It’s also the first Easter break the girls will have ever had with me.

Which means a totally new Easter rhythm for us. We’re heading away to a seaside town called Robe. We’ll relax and explore – ancient caves at Narocoorte, wineries in Coonwara, the distinctly Australian saint that is Mary Mackillop. After a very exhausting first term with so many changes, we are so looking forward to catching our breath together.

A second part of the totally new Easter rhythm is that we get to go to Easter services as a receiver, not a giver. When you’re a pastor, the blessing is in the chance to work with the Jesus story in the week leading up to Easter, to wrestle with the texts in preparation. This week it has been SO nice to gather not knowing what the creativity will be, to simply be participants in the story.

We went to what was a very rich Tenebrae service at the girls school on Sunday evening. It featured the readings and extinguishing of candles. It also included a range of choir items, that were crafted into a wonderful re-appropriation of the Christian sung tradition. Plus there was an excellent use of space and some thoughtful prayers. Big clap to the chaplaincy and musical teams at Westminster.

On Thursday, we went to an alternative worship gathering at Wayville, an offering from a new church community called the Esther project. Environment thoughtfully crafted, words chosen well, senses full engaged, space to sit with the Biblical story. Openended and rich.

On Sunday we’ll look to gather with a local rural community somewhere around Robe. This Easter 2010 we’ll end up engaging with just as many church services as if we were a pastoral family, but in a new and rich way.

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