Thursday, August 19, 2010

prayer for those being bullied

Bullying happens in all sorts of ways – verbal and physical, perceived and real. It requires confronting, but sometimes that is not immediately possible. This is a prayer emerging out of being with some who feel powerless, as an application of Celtic “caim” or circle prayer.

Imagine you are in a bubble. It stretches all around you. Inside this bubble is a place for you to stand, to feel safe, secure, loved. Feel the security and safety.

This bubble has a window. This gives you a choice. You can let the words and people and actions in. Or you can imagine another choice. You can imagine that when words and actions and people hit the bubble, they simply bounce back.

Imagine words and actions bouncing back to those who might send them.

The bubble around you is God. Feel the security and safety. Take God’s love and protection with you into your day.

You might want to make this prayer your own, for yourself or for others you know. If so, one way to do that is to simply leave your initials as a comment.

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Posted by steve at 12:29 PM