Saturday, April 30, 2011

a royal wedding sermon for the Sunday after: creationary of Luke 24

A few years ago, I was thinking about weddings while preparing for communion and working on a sermon on Luke 24 and the resurrected Jesus. And I was thinking how at a wedding, we all stand for the “first meal” with the bride and groom. And I began to hear echoes of this in the Easter resurrection story and the Christian practice of communion.

table.jpg Since we were celebrating communion that Sunday, I got four big tables and we dressed them with fancy table cloths, and placed seats and we had big loaves of bread and caraffe’s of grape juice and wine tasting glasses and we invited people to take communion imagining they were sitting at a first meal with Jesus.

So, for those interested, in light of it being once again post-Easter and it also having been a royal wedding and the fact that we are all apparently now kings and queens (!), here is the last bit of the sermon and seque into communion. (more…)

Posted by steve at 09:29 AM