Thursday, September 30, 2010

was tallskinny (even though a) kiwi wrong? a theology of names

Kiwi’s come in different shapes and sizes. Some come tall, others come short.

Kiwi’s can take different approaches, including to recent mission history. So with gentle reverence at the most amazing ministry of Andrew Jones AKA TallSkinnyKiwi, I’ve left a comment on his far superior blog, offering him a theology by which to repent of his decision to drop the name “emerging”!

names. in the Bible it starts with Genesis 2, humans are invited to name, to use words tdescribe what they see.

and so humans name what they see. but wait – the word “elephant” shuts out a mouse, the word “dove” shuts out a “hawk.” do we drop the words? seek the generic “animal.”

but wait. that exludes plants.

was is wrong to name – in Genesis? in recent church history? wrong to seek to describe a cultural shift? a new way of being church? an outward posture?

or might naming invite the elephant/postmodern/modern/social entreprenuer to be comfortable in their skin?

be a way of creating dialogue, extending the diversity that is God’s Kingdom dream?


(For those who like words to augment poetry, I’ve written a fuller, more personal account regarding being Kiwi, being emerging here.)

Updated: my minister adds some thoughts here.

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