Friday, November 03, 2006

a greatly missional week

It’s been a great week for me.
– Community family film night last Friday, and the joy of offering hospitality to numbers of young people in our surrounding community, while helping them think Christianly about film
Spring clean day on Saturday and the joy of practically serving as a church community and in partnership with other community groups, in cleaning our surrounding community
– Light party on Tuesday and having 60 kids – mixing of church, children’s ministry and community kids – dressing up in non-scarey costumes, eating sausages, scavenger hunting, thinking about the Christian echoes around Halloween.
– I am have been working on a missional project for about 6 weeks, something that I think has huge potential to influence our culture/s. I can’t say what it is at the moment, but it has been such a joy to work HARD with a few new friends, and to test the project with various groups over the week and to see connectivity.
– I have been exploring the place of spirituality in our culture by offering a spiritual journalling course. Over this week 18 people have signed up and the local cafe has said yes. So something that was a dream a month ago is a goer.

Most weeks for me feel a bit of a grind, with little to show for it. So it’s important for me to name the above. As I reflect on the joy within me, I am reminded again of what makes my heart sing. In God’s good humour, I am wired with a dimension of creativity that just loves offering spirituality outside church walls.

I need to name this joy, and nurture this part of my identity. It is too easy for me, in a growing church and with significant teaching responsibilities, to get locked into administration, planning and detail, and to run the risk of neglecting what gives me deep, deep joy.

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