Tuesday, November 17, 2009

advent blessings: worship 2 go 2009 resource

These are a draft copy of our 2009 Advent resources. It marks a different Advent approach. Rather than journey with either Christmas art (and copyright issues) or Lukan story or the Old Testament prophecies, it takes the theme of blessings.

Specifically, four blessings – Numbers 6:23ff, 2 Corinthians 13:14, Jude, Luke 1:42. Each blessing is also an ending, and so as the year ends, what does it mean for Christmas to be about blessings. Each with a reflection, an invitation to consider blessings of God and faith embodied. Each with suggestions for practical blessing to do during the week. A spirituality2go resource.

The art work is done to include the possibility of turning the cards into banners. This allows Sunday worship to interface with the cards. We are also working on a video, to be played in and around the blessings.

They go to the printers on Friday 20 November, 3 days away. So if you want to to share the “blessings” of shared costs, ie piggyback, you have 3 days to let us know. $2/set of 4, plus postage and packaging.

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