Thursday, September 19, 2013

book launch prayer

This is the prayer I wrote for the launch of Rosemary Dewerse’s book, Breaking Calabashes, Becoming an intercultural community.

Go, little, lucid, book
filled with dreams
and wherever you go
may you birth more dreams

Go, little, lucid, book
filled with intercultural stories
and wherever you go
may you create more stories, of faith and life and richness across cultures

Go, little, lucid, book
filled with lived theology

and wherever you go,
may you create more theology lived in life

Go, little, lucid, book
filled with practical wisdom

and wherever you go,
may you encourage all who seek a wisdom that is grounded

Go, little, lucid book
filled with pictures and poetry
and where ever you go,
may you draw forth metaphors of beauty,

You who break calabashes in the person of Jesus
Be with your author,
your publisher
your readers
and all those who are touched by your intercultural vision of community
In the name of the intercultural Christ, through the Breath of the inter-cultural Spirit, Amen.

Posted by steve at 10:06 PM


  1. Go is always a clipped, powerful starter, a directive bespeaking confidence in the young/new book’s readiness to begin independent life, a well-wishing to a person or book just born, or just daring to discover itself. Andrew Greeley, editor of the NY Times,said it to young Americans just after the Civil War, Go West young man, Go west, find a continent, find yourself, realise your dream. (Consequences not great for the indigenous peoples.) God said it to city-dweller Abraham, Arise from your comfortable Urr-ban life, take flocks, Go. Powerful story.
    Good prayer, Steve. Repetition and rhythm build strength, loop us into listening.
    Wonderful achievement to get a book published. Congratulations to all … especially the proud author.
    I’m wondering why comment on a prayer? So I’d better Go myself.

    Comment by Coralie Creevey — September 20, 2013 @ 9:46 pm

  2. Thanks Coralie. That’s very helpful.

    I think the repetition of go helped drive the prayer “Go, little, lucid book” and “wherever you go” – stretched between the start and end of each verse,

    And I liked that “Go” was singular and yet each verse opened up a different way of go to be experienced,

    Why comment on a prayer – perhaps because words matter 🙂


    Comment by steve — September 21, 2013 @ 5:08 pm

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