Saturday, March 04, 2006

brian mclaren session 1: spiritual formation: panel

Panel: Murray Robertson, Dave Atkinson from Primal, Jenny McIntosh. They are not experts. They are helping us contextualise and process what Brian is saying and what it means for us.

What has resonated with you?:
We as Kiwis are so often made to feel inferior by Americans, Brian’s humble approach is so refreshing.

Love the deep ecclesiology. Love the move beyond consumerism of Christianity.

What about the tension between not being formed by our consumer culture and yet the need for enculturation of faith?

Will in the emerging church be less guru focused and trust the Spirit (and each other?)?

How has the panel seen self:church:world circles being reshaped?
Is emerging church niche and alternative or deep ecclesiology? The church needs to be permission giving and should promote church:world engagement.

Young people need space to do ministry. Hierachies don’t allow this and thus we lose spiritual formation.

Danger of emerging church is it being viewed as church re-packaged. It needs to be theology re-packaged. For example women leaders, for example empowering leadership not dominating leadership. The church emerging must grapple with church domination by white, males and the move to “bewildering diversity.”

Panel: What are our dreams for the future ie emerging church?
Church for people by people. Relational. Creative. Incarnational. Inclusive not box ticking.

More appreciation of different ways of being church. More encouragement of new leaders and less criticism.

Seeing church as more wholistic, less niche.

Next 20 years are hugely crucial, as mainline church in New Zealand dies. Crisis will be huged. Church today is so mixed; so vital; so grim. Will enough churches grasp an outward vision. It is so hard to do this when a church is in decline.

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