Tuesday, November 06, 2007

copyright request

It is really nice when people ask. Really nice. I wonder if it’s actually part of the way I operate, that verbal recognition is important to me. Anyhow, so there are 2 email’s overnight from the US, asking to use some of my stuff. The first is from an Episcopalian Canon Missioner requesting to use some of my powerpoint images in their work. And the second from a seminary requesting a blog post I wrote back in 2004 on Trinity and Mission for an online course: “Contemporary Culture in Missiological Perspective”. The blog post was from 2004 and was titled: trinity and mission.

Which made me click back to the post. It’s so 2004, but (IMHO) it is still a bit of honey. Here’s the conclusion: Thus talk about church and mission needs to be grounded in our understandings of God as Trinity. A “missional church” is not new, but a recovering of very ancient understandings, in which we live, we create, we emerge, as an outflow of the shared love of God. We seek to express fluid, whole-bodied, dynamic love. We honour the unity with other expressions of church, we applaud diversity, we celebrate uniquely grounded differences.

For full post go here. (Another “dusty” post includes Trinity as children’s talk using Rublev’s icon).

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  1. Know what ya mean – sheesh, someone asked if they could post an email I sent them on their blog. THAT was enough to give me a buzz;-)

    Comment by Rachael — November 6, 2007 @ 1:50 pm

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