Friday, November 27, 2009

creativity and commerce: Steve Lillywhite

Believe in your heart and not in your eyes. So many people look at music. Everything is on a screen now. That’s important but it’s also important to go where your heart goes and go where your ears go.

Interview with Steve Lillywhite, long-time music producer, including being there at U2’s start and current.

Not sure why the quote struck me. Perhaps because I’m in a career transition and walking around a brand new building, looking with my eyes, I keep thinking – this is nuts, why am I leaving? So the reminder to look with heart not eyes.

Perhaps because I’m co-teaching Sense making faith. It’s a course that explores how the five senses enhance the spiritual search, and we’ve just done the session on sense of sight, and explored what it means to use our eyes well.

(I am co-teaching the course, part of training up people to continue’s Opawa’s mission when I leave. There are 9 of us doing the course and it’s great. And I do want to keep teaching it in Adelaide next year, perhaps starting not with church folk, but with spiritual searchers and see where the Spirit leads).

Perhaps because it’s such an acute analysis of contemporary culture, in which so much music is in fact a visual excursion (titillation?), rather than an aural experience.

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