Thursday, September 14, 2006

emerging church course ver 2.0

I am currently reworking my two-day Introduction to the Emerging Church course. I taught it for the first time last year. A second draft (2.0) will be unveiled at BCNZ Christchurch over the next two Saturday’s (16th and 23rd). The feedback on the course last year was very positive. Nevertheless, I have still made significant changes.

Introduction to the emerging church (ver 2.0) includes
– a tighter missional theology, drawing specifically on Luke 10:1-12, which offers a fascinating twist on themes of Trinity and Incarnation.
– using 5 minute video interviews (some still in the process of being shot, so HOT off the press!) from Al Roxburgh; espresso; Sanctus1; Safe Space and Freeway;
– tying these lived community narratives into Gibbs and Bolgers typology of emerging churches as identifying with the life of Jesus, transforming secular space, living as a community
– a greater focus on offering a wide range of concrete practices of spiritual formation, Biblical engagement, worship and community
– more of a deliberate encouragement of emerging churches as a mixed economy, with wide variety and in a range of relationship with established churches.

With the revamp done, bring on Saturday.

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