Tuesday, July 27, 2004

emerging values

a weekend away + pictures of our local community + postmodern culture through the lens of coffee cups + hand drawn pictures of where we would like our church to be in 5 years = 1st go at a set of re:emerging values for a church on mission to a postmodern world

We honour God as energiser of our life and mission.

We place the cross at the centre. We want the gospel at all places in our life and all of our life to bring the gospel into focus. We want a discipleship that mirrors Jesus, that is relational and serving and gospel basic.

We value where we have come from, the heritage and history that has shaped us.

We value lives transformed, in such a way that witnesses to those close to them and to the community.

We value step by step processes in mission. We want to provide multiple stepping stones into the church community.

We value wholistic well-being and lifestyle discipleship. We want people to leave a legacy. We want deep foundations through training, whole-life coaching and spiritual disciplines.

We value transparency and open communication. We want an information highway through the church and into the community. This will include the use of media and internet.

We want to connect with our world and our community to connect with us. We want mission to be a two-way flow, to change us and our architecture and our appearance.

We value a workplace reality. We want a bi-vocational pastoral team and our worship to engage with life 24/7.

We value all age and socio-economic groups. We want the elderly to have a purpose. We want all age groups to “age well.” We want a flow of shared resources in which all groups – the addicted, the digitally impoverished, the wealthy – enhance and challenge each other. We want to be a place that offers participation, in which people are encouraged to “buy-in” to resource a Kingdom vision.

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  1. Loved this Steve. So much talk of values, mission statements (hmmm), and vision around me at the moment. This really was helpful and insightful. To what extent do you think that this articulation of values that you discussed will be adopted and lived and breathed by the community of faith that you share in and lead? Do you expect them to be honed down, rethought etc etc, or is this it. Great stuff anyway, thank you.

    Comment by finker — August 7, 2004 @ 10:20 am

  2. Good Read

    Comment by Jimes — November 5, 2004 @ 9:28 am

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