Thursday, November 24, 2011

Facet5, You know me so well

A few years ago, wanting to enhance our team work at Opawa Baptist, we involved an external human resource person. She in turn introduced us to a tool called Facet5.

the most modern and advanced measure of personality available. Used by organisations and consultants worldwide, Facet5 is applied in people development, individual selection, team integration and organisational strategy, adding real value to an organisation

We invited our key staff, incoming and existing, to complete the tool. It helped not only in recruitment, but on into staff development, giving each of us insight into how best to lead, and to be led.

It then provided a great way to team build, with each of us able to share more clearly who were were. Which gave us a way to appreciate each others uniqueness. Which in turn allowed a greater degree of vulnerability, as together, we affirmed our willingness to be team in helping each other not just in our strengths, but our weaknesses.

In the last few days, I’ve dug out and dusted off my Facet5 profile. Read it to Lynne and laughed in sheer relief. It knows me so well. Like this bit of advice:

“Be prepared for Steve to have changed or modified his plans in response to new information and events.”

Or this!

“Offer an informal working environment where intuition and spontaneity is valued and a sense of humour is welcomed.”

It’s very weird, yet totally refreshing, to hear oneself reflected back so well. To be reminded both of my uniqueness and yet the uniqueness of every human I encounter.

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  1. May have to give that thing a whirl and see what it says about me.

    Comment by Jason — November 29, 2011 @ 2:02 am

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