Friday, January 16, 2004

food for thought

I ran out first “creative conversation” here in Christchurch last nite. In Auckland we called these missional dinners.

some random friends
an interesting guest (in this case Olive Drane)
a facilitated conversation; I ask a question and away we got.

Last nite we dined out very richly on this;
Safe spaces :: “One of the things I have come to appreciate is that people today are searching for safe spaces in which to deal with the experiences that make up their own story of life.” What could these safe spaces look like?

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  1. we have a similar: ‘kitchen chat” thing. One week we invited about 15 or so assorted friends, some from belfast group ECHO (i think it was that week) and from the glasgow crew. Its a huge kitchen with a big hot cooker – based at – raven- our home-project-church for night/urban cultures in Edinburgh. Frank – rap poet and spraycan artists activist – was guestmaster that night… In the chair that week was Ray – a Lindisfarne Island monk, old friend of the project – (just happened to be in town – wears a brown dress with a hood – and likes us – so we asked him along – to sit in the chair!!). Loads of us made exotic pizzas and as there was quite a few from NZ – masses of fruit creamy yumness and salad stuff … and loads of noise chaos and rough laughter. Fresh from putting on our ‘club’ event the previous night – the banter and talk led to questions put to – Ray – ended in us all – esp Ray – excitedly talking about a – citycentre club 24/7monastery .. a ‘crib’ for new kinds of christianity – including: body prayer tents, massage spots, medic-stations, remixDIY culture art n music studios caves – guestmasters and coop workshops… nobody wanted to go home that night….

    Comment by paul T — January 18, 2004 @ 7:16 am

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