Saturday, September 17, 2005

further on spiritual formation

A number of people, including myself, have noted here that sermons-as-imparting-knowledge- do not play a major role in “forming us spiritually.” Randall has just made the following (great) blog comment:
are you an aural learner Steve?Or a visual one? Do these things influence us? Is there a correlation between what flicks your switch in the learning arena and your spiritual formation…

Which opens up the whole area of individuality and learning preference in spiritual formation.

Link here and for the initial post on spiritual formation here.

Posted by steve at 02:26 PM

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  1. I find one of the fascinating things about preaching is how often God uses something a preacher says in a way he or she did not intend. Some side comment or verse reference will jump out in my mind and God will speak to me about some other topic entirely. So maybe preaching should be seen less as “Here’s what I want to teach you” and more open for God to use however He sees fit. That’s why I dislike sermon “notes” with the main outline already there and the main points left blank. (I see this frequently here in the States, don’t know if you have the same phenomenon there.)

    Comment by Travis — September 18, 2005 @ 7:30 am

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