Friday, July 06, 2007

Go vicars

My time with the Auckland Anglicans finished today. It was excellent and I hope to post some resources for them in the next day or so.

The day finished with workgroups discussing questions like what is the difference between a “come to us” church and a “go them church”? The workgroups reported back and then I was asked for the last words. This is what I said:

– We shouldn’t be afraid of statistics, because they keep us honest.
– In a Go church, the vicar gives the benediction not from the front, but from the door, then leads the congregation out into mission.
-Imagine what a different diocese Auckland would be if every parish set a goal of planting just one “fresh expression of church” over the next 10 years.

Posted by steve at 12:19 AM

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  1. The problem with being given the last word is there is no chance to respond…

    The benediction is (or should) always given at the back in an Anglican church. It is (almost) a punishable offense/action requiring discipline under the Canons (Title-D) to give the benediction from the front [for those who don’t recognise subtlety, this is a joke].

    In all seriousness, when the comment was made, that the people/congregation should face the door. This was seen as important, understandinf our (Anglican) assumptions that:
    1.) The person giving the dismissal is at the door.
    2.) People are often still facing the front as the last song has just ended.
    3.) It is also more correct for someone other than the priest to give the dismissal.

    Comment by Dion — July 6, 2007 @ 9:09 pm

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