Thursday, January 15, 2004

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grid blogging is a voluntary commitment to blog on a shared theme. ashley was the originator of the concept, and has suggested ritual for january 15.

Here is a story of a Life Ritual
‘”I have a ritual,’ she said, pointing to her earings. Having graduated and working in a very difficult situation she decided to leave work and take a mundane job to pay the bills. It was a job she didn’t enjoy but was totally powerless to change. During this time her best friend developed terminal cancer. This was a difficult time, visiting, watching the pain of husband and young family. The best friend talked, insisting that she take control to change things. She inspired to take a Masters degree which in turn has lead to this present new job, a commissioning agent for a successful publishing company.

After my best friends death, the husband gave me a pair of very special diamond earings he had bought for her. I treasure these. Every time I face the challenge of comissioning a new book or meeting a new client, I wear these earings. I draw inspiration from my friend’s dedication to life being lived to the full. My friend still inspires me on a daily basis to excel and so I intentionally wear these beautiful earings as a spiritual committment to work to my full potential. By this I am honouring her memory, encouraging her family to press on and I trust inspiring you.”

In turn I am offering you her inspiration. Today create a new ritual for yourself. Chose a piece of jewellery. It may already have deep significance for you. It does not need to be expensive. What counts is your intentionality as you put it on to commit to exploring your spiritual potential to the full.

:: Excerpt from Olive Drane’s forthcoming book Life Rituals by BRF. In it Olive looks across the breadth of life from the everyday patterns that give rhythm and meaning to the once in a life time experiences whether ecstatic or devastating.

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