Wednesday, April 01, 2009

harvest festival

Sunday was so much fun, as in our morning congregation we brought back an ancient Opawa tradition, the harvest festival. It was nice to bring back to life something that had been lying dormant in the church for years and the display looked fantastic.

I preached from Ruth 2, an ancient harvest festival during a credit crunch, and the need to celebrate production and the challenge to consider distribution. What would gleaning look like in over-developed Western economies?

We offered 3 practical ways for people to live the Ruth text.
1 – Join twoshirts and start sharing our extra stuff (and we’ve set Opawa Baptist up as a group)
2 – We printed off “thanks for making your garden look so great” postcards and people were invited to take them and post them in the letterboxes of gardens they admired.

3 – We made soup. And more soup. And more soup. Over 150 litres of homemade vegetable soup to replenish our foodbank. About 20 people cut and chopped most of the afternoon and had a thoroughly rich experience of community for mission.

And a question to ponder. And so a harvest festival challenges us to think about distribution. How on earth do we care for the unemployed and the migrant in New Zealand? How on earth could we do business, so that any struggling migrant could find work?

This food will go toward our foodbank. This afternoon we’re having a soup-working-bee. It would be easy for us as a church to stop there. To feel good about ourselves. Wow, we had a harvest festival and we’ve replenished Opawa’s foodbank with some nourishing vegetable soup. What a practical thing for a church to do in a credit crunch. But that’s not harvest according Ruth 2. In Ruth 2 we’re asked some much more fundamental questions. How we live, so that the unemployed can find meaningful work?

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