Monday, December 13, 2010

heading home

Much excitement in the Taylor household, as we head back to New Zealand today. Back to family, friends and all that is familiar. Back to our “spot” (beach house/bach/holiday house). Back to see our new born niece. We are in New Zealand for about a month, which is mainly holiday, but I also have a week of study leave in which I need to complete 2 pieces of writing.

One is a chapter for a book in honour of Eddie Gibbs of Fuller Theological Seminary. It is a global missions perspective on the emerging church/fresh expressions and I’m writing a chapter on the emerging church in New Zealand.

The other writing task is to write up for a book the paper I gave in Sydney in July: When non-priests pray: A conversation between Sarah Coakley and Bono Vox regarding incorporative pneumatology and priestly prayer.

Which means I’ve had to pack thinking about what books I might need for 2 quite diverse writing projects, all the while juggling clothes (will we need more for a Kiwi summer than an Australian summer?) and bottles of Aussie red for friends and family!

Which also means that blog posting could be less regular in the next weeks, both because of less internet access and because of that glorious gift – summer holidays!

It’s been a long, lonely, tough year. Bring on those holidays.

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