Thursday, December 30, 2004

hillsong, emerging church and denominations

Back in October I made a brief post on the topic of “emerging church=hillsong“, with some quotes from from a denominational leader here in New Zealand, who was praising Hillsong London and attacking unnamed emerging church leaders who weren’t successful. (I am still trying to figure out if I was being attacked or not). Following the quotes, I then asked for feedback on Hillsong London.

The blog entry has come alive, with two provocative new comments posted in the last 2 days; one from a Hillsong London punter who notes “I have brought many friends to Hillsong church, mostly non-christian and i have seen many of my friends give their life to Christ.”

The other is from the demoninational leader who made the original quotes. In a fairly lengthy comment he writes “Here’s a challenge to think about. From all that I’m reading and observing there is a gnawing observation I have of a small sub-culture of emergent church thinkers out there who only ever discuss their theories about church with each other, read each other’s books and lavish their own with quotes from friends who think just like them, are into art and not at all “moved” by sports, and who prefer to throw rocks at the historical church from outside of it rather than engage in dialogue from the inside.” (Yep, still trying to figure out if I am being attacked or not).

So feel free to head on over and feel some heat. Please, if you are going to leave comments, leave them there, not here.

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