Wednesday, December 03, 2008

John and Olive Drane blogging

One of the world’s leading emerging missiologists – and family friends – John and Olive Drane are now blogging here. “These two churchmice have been chewing the fatty cheese together for some time now … The mice who intrigue them most are usually those who can feel at home in the traditional institutions, but have enough sense of adventure to gnaw their way out of the box knowing that there are some surprising discoveries to be made out there.”

John supervised my PhD study and both of them were contributors to my out of bounds church? book. (When I wrote the book, I wanted voices from a range of countries and a range of places – gender, inside and outside church leadership, known and unknown – and I was honoured to have the input of Andrew Jones, Gerard Kelly, Maggi Dawn, Mark Pierson, Kelli Robson, Cathy Kirkpatrick, Sally Morgenthaler, Robert Webber, John/Olive Drane. Each got sent two chapters and were asked to make 4 comments per chapter, which were included in the side bars, alongside rituals, books, movies, quotes, websites. It was all great fun and greatly enhanced my stumbling words :))

Anyhow, looking forward to the Drane’s making an excellently grounded contribution to the blogosphere.

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