Tuesday, October 31, 2006

kiwi saints as kiwi firecrackers


Wednesday November 1 is All Saints Day. Sunday night (November 5) is fireworks night in New Zealand. So it seems appropriate to celebrate Kiwi saints as Kiwi fireworks at our 7 pm, Sunday evening Digestion church service.

Here are my 7 Kiwi saints:
Te Whiti: a leader in non-violent resistance against the coloniser (more) (blessed are the peacemakers)
Michael Jones: top sportsman who refused to play on a Sunday (more) (salt and light)
Tarore: her death brought peace to warring tribes (more) (blessed are the peacemakers)
JK Archer: pastor and politician (salt and light)
Archibald Baxter: persecuted as conscientious objector in World War 1 (more) (blessed are the persecuted)
Manihera of Taranaki: a missionary matyred for his faith (more) (blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness)
Fernando Pereira: killed by French terrorists on board the Rainbow Warrior (more) (blessed are those who mourn)

Any additions or subtractions you’d like to make?

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  1. Great to see an ex Napier Baptist minister, J K Archer, making it to your list:) He was vital here in Napier in breaking up a baker’s ring that were ripping people off during the depression era. It’s said that he himself went from house to house selling bread at reasonable rates to people instead of them having to pay excessive prices from the bakers.

    Comment by Andrew — November 2, 2006 @ 9:46 am

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