Friday, December 22, 2006

kiwi sandwiched between richard hays and brian mclaren

My authors copy of Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross arrived today.


It is such an important book; offering 18 sermons on preaching the atonement today, putting contemporary preached wheels to the multiple images of the atonement in the Bible. I have already used 3 sermons from it as case studies in my Living the Text class at Fuller Theological Seminary. There are sermons from CS Lewis, Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury) and me. A little Kiwi! Sandwiched between New Testament scholar Richard Hays and Brian McLaren.

My semon is titled “Participation and an Atomized World: A Reflection on Christ as Representative New Adam” and is part of a series of 10 sermons I preached around the communion table in 2004. The editor notes of my sermon; “Rather than discarding the biblical imagery and language, however, Taylor digs into the contemporary context and experience of New Zealanders … to breathe new life and meaning into biblical images. Therefore Taylor not only stands on firm biblical ground ..[but] … also in line with fine theological work done by one of the church’s early theologians.” (pages 103-4, 109.)

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