Tuesday, March 06, 2007

missional church resources

Allelon has a revamped website. It includes the new Roxburgh journal; which starts with the question; What is missional Church? which is a podcast interview with me, in relation to Opawa and missional church and change, recorded when Al Roxburgh was here in December.

So, when I asked Steve the question “What do you mean by this term missional church?” he started with a kind of definition then went into stories about the people at Opawa and the ways God was shaping a new imagination for the church out of the narratives of these diverse people. You’ll here the whole story in the Podcast and find some images on this page to help you get a picture of what Steve is up to.

It’s sort of wierd and sort of nice, that of all the places in the world to focus on terms of missional church, Al Roxburgh starts with Opawa. I do need to say however, that Al Roxburgh’s statement about “what Steve is up to” is way over-rated. I was sitting in the shower last week thinking the opposite; that I have no idea what I am up to. And being encouraged that God has a history of being in the chaos and so I am content to therefore be in the midst of that chaos.

Anyhow, check out the revamped site, which also includes Alan Roxburgh interviews with Craig Van Gelder and Pat Keifert.

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  1. Steve, a very useful and insighful conversation with Al. It takes me back to many conversations we’ve had over the years, BUT this time I can replay it over and over again. Always a useful practice for me. It takes a while to sink in!

    I particularly like the practical insights to leadership and pastoral care that it provides. I’m sure it would well supplement the conversation(s) you’ve been having with Anglican’s and which you allude to above.

    I’m sure you’ll be exhausted after two intensive days and travel. Hope you can find some space to catch your breath and re-charge your ‘batteries’.

    Take care

    Comment by Paul Fromont — March 8, 2007 @ 6:18 am

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