Monday, April 25, 2005

New pope on the emergent radar?

Perhaps the new pope has already bleeped onto the emergent radar? Miroslav Volf wrote a great book on being church, called After our likeness. The book compares Orthodox theologian John Zizoulas, with Catholic theologian, and now new pope, Ratzinger, with a more “free church” ecclesiology.


It was a wonderful book for me as a Baptist to read, and to see one of my church planting forebears, John Smyth, compared theologically with Catholic and Orthodox ways of being church.

And so the links with the emerging church?
1. A free church ecclesiology is (at it’s best) a much more bottom-up, grassroots way of being church, in contrast to hierarchical traditions. That should offer much more room for experimentation and innovation, all held within a Trinitarian ecclesiology.
2. Miroslav Volf is the main speaker at the 2006 US Emergent Theological Conversation.

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