Thursday, October 11, 2007

onramps and fastlanes

Missional and emerging church is so much more than candles and coffee. It’s a conversation about participating in God’s Kingdom come on earth today. Our world is changing and in this changing world it is tempting to seek certainty in our historic understandings and in our charismatic leaders.

Luke 10 offers us a different type of seeking. It reminds us that God is active in our world, in the tables and cafes of our culture. It tells the story of a sending God who invites us to seek God’s future in the ordinary and everyday. It is an affirmation that 70 no-name disciples were trusted with God’s missionary purposes. It is an anticipation that as we accept the hospitality of the stranger, God’s healing and redemptive purposes can be discerned.


Since much of this is counter-intuitive and requires new patterns and practice, we need onramps, ways for people to enter into the conversation. We’ve got a few onramps for white boy ministers with their tech toys. We’ve got a few onramps in the forms of books and academic courses. But the onramps are few and the harvest is plentiful and more construction is needed.

fastlane.jpg Alongside onramps we continue to need fastlanes; places where those already in the conversation, those immersed in the mess of table fellowship, can talk and gripe and dream and plan. Last week’s Masters class teaching in Auckland was for me, a fastlane, in which taking the time to do a case study of an emerging church then allowed us to talk much about mission, theology and discipleship.

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  1. Loooove the image of fastlanes. The need of this I’ve realized for a while, but the right wording has escaped me, leaving me to use far too many words to get at the thought, and likely boring people in the process. Can’t have that. Thanks for the image.

    Comment by Patrick — October 14, 2007 @ 9:35 am

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