Tuesday, March 30, 2004

resourcing life

A danger of Christianity, of church, of the emerging church, is that we focus all our energy on making church right.

While there is a lot to put right, ultimately we exist to resource people in their following of Jesus, and most of this happens outside church. So we need to provide models of integration.

This Sunday I launched “Resourcing work” prayers at Opawa. Our vision to encourage people to walk and grow with Jesus. One way we can do that is to pray for people in their work situations.

This week we rang up people at Opawa who worked in the health professions … nurses and radiographers. We asked them about their job … what they liked, what frustrated them, what we could pray for.


They brought a symbol of their work and so on Sunday X-rays and catheters and bandages sat at the front of the church. And we prayed …

You are the healer
You heal through medicine and through miracle
You heal through people.

We thankyou for all those who work in the health field … nurses, radiographers and health professionals.

We thankyou for them, for their skills and dedication.

We thankyou for the things about their work they enjoy …. see people get better, chance to be with people, a chance to show they care, a chance to have relationships with a wide and diverse group of people.

We thankyou that all these are values close to your heart … people, caring, seeing health and wholeness.

we acknowledge the frustrations and challenges.
lack of funding, pressure that places on people, battle with short staffed rosters and not having time to be with people.

I think of the woman who anointed Jesus feet, and the words of Jesus, what you do for the least of them, you do for me.

God, for all health professionals this week,
May the God’s love shine through them as they tend the feet of others.
May they have patience with grumpy patients and heavy workloads
May they have a sense of serving you through their dedication and skills.

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