Friday, May 13, 2011

spaces and places used well in mission

I am looking for examples of spaces and places being used well in mission. I want them by Wednesday 18th May, both a picture and a one paragraph explanation of why you think that space or place is being used well in mission and ministry.

You see my Reading cultures/Sociology for ministry class last night explored the theme of spaces and places. I began by talking about spaces and places of spiritual significance in New Zealand – Waitangi, Maori Jesus at Ohinemutu, Parihaka, Anzac War memorials.

The class then brainstormed Australia and they did some excellent work. I then wrote a statement on the board

spaces and places are not important to Christian ministry

After some work in “yes” and “no” groups, an excellent discussion resulted. Words like creation got used. The Old Testament was scanned – the setting up of altars yet the encouragement to keep on pilgrimage. The ministry and mission of Jesus, in birth, life and resurrection was trawled.

The potential of spaces and places – in time, in place, in buildings, in material elements of bread and wine – became evident. Having indigenous and non-indigenous voices in the class became a great gift as the complexity of contested spaces and places, including colonisation were explored. An excellent night of collaborative learning was had!

As we left, I suggested some practical homework. That during the week, each person take a picture of a space or a place they think is being used well in mission. Email it to me (steve at emergentkiwi dot org dot nz). And we will share them together, as practical examples, as we start our class next week.

So why not join us. Enrich our class with your voice, your location, your example of a space/place you think is being used well in mission and ministry. (And in so doing, you will help reinforce the value of social media, which the class explored 2 weeks ago with Andrew Jones).

In return, after the class, I will then put the entire resource – photos and explanation – back up online as a general mission resource, some 2011 examples of spaces and places being used well in mission and ministry!

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