Saturday, April 29, 2006

spirited exchanges starts in Christchurch

Jenny MacIntosh stayed with us last night, here to help birth a Spirited Exchanges (an umbrella name for groups, seminars and resources for people who have left church or are struggling with their faith) here in Christchurch.

“Spirited” : something lively, energetic, and robust; with the reality of the Holy Spirit as an integral part of faith-development and the faith-journey.
“Exchanges” : the “exchanging” of ideas and experiences, learning from each other, honouring the importance of that mutuality and sharing.

A good start was made in the foyer of Opawa Baptist last night and there was enough energy and interest to commence monthly, 1st Monday in the month (except for Queens Birthday weekend). Good stuff.

Further resources:
Spirited exchanges website here.
Interview with Jenny about Spirited Exchanges here.
Podcast interview with Jenny in which she describes ministry to those outside the church. Download file: ethos of Spirited Exchanges: 2 mins : 600K.

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