Thursday, May 20, 2004

stencilling the Spirit in the world

intro to the service blurb
stenciling is a way of art.
it involves making your own design on a piece of card.
this design is cut out with a craft knife.

chalk is applied to the cut our area.
thus you leave behind your design mark.
(note – chalk washes off in water)

which got me thinking
about the Spirit is in our world,
in us, through us, around us.

tonite we reflect upon this Spirit.
what does it mean for the Spirit to leave, to stencil, a mark on our city?

you are invited tonite during the service
to make a stencil,
your image of the spirit.

you will need a pencil, a card, a sharp knife. some guidelines are available.

and this was (some of) the outcome… poetry, Scripture, story, communion … and then a piece of chalk as a benediction …


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