Monday, October 08, 2007

stoning the prophets: the pics

Stoning the prophets is into it’s third week. The concept is simple: I am preaching through the minor prophets on Sunday morning, so we have set aside a time on Sunday to simply read the prophet aloud. So Sunday was Amos, from chapter 1 verse 1 to chapter 9:15.

We have created a dedicated space in the church. It is in an upstairs room (in the Friendship Centre):


In the centre of the room we’ve placed a whole pile of stones. When we’ve finished hearing the prophet, everyone picks up a stone, reflecting on what struck us from the passage, and then tossing the stone back into the pile. There is also a scroll plus the old church Bible, open at the prophet and flanked by two Stones jars:


Around the room we’ve used black shade cloth on the walls and white shade cloth to lower the ceiling. Tussock grasses enhance the environment, with chairs placed well back to increase the sense of being in community around the central Scriptures. And various stations, unique to each prophet, which also means the space is being added to week by week.


Another 18 people were present on Sunday, and it is very special to be engaging the Scriptures in this way. Roll on Obadiah this Sunday.

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