Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spirituality of change leaders

A fascinating list of suggestions, almost a spirituality, for change leaders (“Rules of thumb for change agents”, a chapter by Shepard in Organization Development Classics, Jossey-Bass, 1997.)

  • Stay alive – care for yourself and keep a life
  • Start where the system is – empathy for the group and the people
  • Look for green zones – places of promise
  • Innovation is as simple as a good idea, initiative and a few friends – work with the willing
  • Celebrate well – build in lots of success milestones
  • Light many fires – utilise the complexity of any group by seeking movement in as many places as possible
  • Keep optimistic – with a focus on the better future

I note the list after sitting with a number of groups in the last few days who are considering mission and are faced with change.

It certainly resonated with my Opawa experience, particularly the look for green zones (for more on leadership and green zones you could try here), simplicity of innovation and light many fires. (And in hindsight, at Opawa we could have celebrated more).

And it sits well alongside Paul Aitken and Malcolm Higgs Developing Change Leaders: The principles and practices of change leadership development, which I have been slowly reading and summarising this year. (For the chapter summaries to date: Chapter one here. Chapter two is here. Chapter three is here. Chapter four is here. Chapter five is here. Chapter six is here. Chapter seven is here)

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