Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking the con out of conversion 2

During our 2nd sermon on Biblical pictures of witness I showed a table (download), placing Acts 2, Acts 14 and Acts 17 side by side. It produced excellent discussion, as people noted
– how one size does not fit all;
– how in Acts 14 and Acts 17, not a single Bible verse is quoted, in contrast to Acts 2;
– how evangelistic success is far from universal;
– the ability to improvise.

I concluded with some stories about ways I’d seen announcing the good news publicly in New Zealand today. A number were taken from my blog post here from a few weeks ago and a big thanks to those in my blogging community who commented – you added a huge amount of richness and freshness to the sermon.

The open invite follow-up discussion group meets again this Wednesday in the church foyer to simply read the Bible texts, and apply them prayerfully to our life. There is already talk of keeping the group going after the series finishes, which was my big dream – the formation of an evangelism action team!

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    Comment by lynne — April 17, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

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