Friday, March 04, 2005

The Diary of the Opawa Baptist mouse

If there was a mouse, in the house (of God), their dairy for the week would note the following.

Sunday: Some tired ladies laugh and joke about something called “camp.” After dark, a big, fat, sound system arrives.

Monday: Dodge some paint from the community art class. The carpet ain’t so lucky.

Tuesday: Staff team leaves a trail of crumbs through foyer at morning tea. 35 American university students leave an even bigger trail of crumbs after lunch. When it gets dark, the Board arrived. Senior Pastor tries to look sharp, but I think he’s bluffing.

Wednesday: Small groups of youth (cells) are in so many rooms that I go to bed early. But the sound system cranks up for a video. Can’t sleep. Get up to watch some new people at Opawa mingle over pizza, with that new bigger Pastor looking pleased with himself.

Thursday: That office person rushes around looking “Crafty.” And some Asian voices practice their (Conversational) English. When it gets dark, ten people arrive for a new members information evening. Again, Senior Pastor tries to look sharp, but I’m sure he’s bluffing.

Friday: More crumbs from the staff table. More dinner for me. Hope it’s quiet for the weekend. I need a sleep-in Sunday morning.

Signed: The mouse.

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