Monday, October 05, 2009

u2 conference: keynote Agnes Nyamayarwo

“Bono. The Good Samaritan.” Because the journey of freedom goes on. And on. And on.

Agnes Nyamayarwo is an international Aids activist. Bono did the introduction! Yep. On video, speaking for about 5 mins, asking us to welcome, give a standing ovation and listen to Agnes Nyamayarwo.

She tells us a bit of her life story and the impact of Aids on her family. Her title is “Bono … the Good Samaritan.”! She tells us about how Bono organised her family with life-saving ARVs. And spoke with her throughout a One/Data tour through US. “Bono spoke about our suffering as if he was one of us, one of the African people.” “On behalf of many adults in Africa, would like to sincerely thank Bono, U2 and the One campaign.”

Questions: What can average person do? Ans. Support One campaign and support clean water agencies.

Criticisms of ARV’s is that it is difficult regiment to comply with. So is it worth it? Ans. Africans were yearning for it. Education and counselling has been done. In Africa, people get a “medicine companion” to help them with taking medication. Encourage people to share their journey’s with family and with each other. So it is very rare for people default. 95% adherence in their programme. Had problems with children compliance. So worked harder on this area, providing even greater support. Provide “clubs” that work together to ensure people with virus are not passing it on to others.

What about the need to care for people in our own country? It is so cheap to save lives in Africa. $20 only for a month.

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