Sunday, October 04, 2009

U2 conference: Whither the spiritual? Reviews of NLOTH

Faith plays a role in U2’s music. So what do mainstream reviewers think of NLOTH? Do they see spiritual?

Method: Reviews in Ireland, US, USA. 54 reviews found. Used content analysis. Pooled results.

Results: 1. Overall reviews, 80% of reviews considered above average. (Did not look at blogs. So is the blogging world contributing to the so-called “mixed” rating murmurs.)

2. No relationship between people’s perception of Bono and NLOTH.

3. Over 70% of reviews do not mention any spiritual or religious community. Granted, U2 write with multiple meanings.

Discussion: Are more journalists less spiritual/religious? Do journalists separate sacred from secular? Why should those critiquing rock music have expertise in spiritual/religious? Is it the audience, that those reading reviews are not deemed interested in spiritual/religious? Is it the nature of the critical aesthetic? A high art aesthetic (criticising the work) cf pop aesthetic (speaking for the fan).

Feedback: Is this a perfect execution of U2’s desire. The lyrics have multiple layers.

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