Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is a sacrament?

This week the intensive class is exploring sacraments. Rather than begin with the history of what is a sacrament, I decided to begin with two video clips. One of Archbishop Sentamu baptising publicly on Easter Saturday, another of an outdoor worship service, including communion, lasting six minutes. (I’ve blogged about this here).

and then ask what is a sacrament.

The responses were fascinating. Words included “public”, “witness”, “planned spontaneity”, “connecting to God.” Using the videos opened up a different space for discussion, about how the sacraments are part of the living mission of the church.

The depth of discussion grew this morning in our tutorial. The statement was “all of life is a sacrament” and readings included

The discussion was excellent. I suggested the following summary:

The Reformers argued for two sacraments, baptism and communion. Celebrating these has the effect of making all of life sacramental. Reformation theology had a particular emphasis on Christ and the events of Easter, especially Friday. Themes of creation and eschatology can enrich our theology and greatly enhance the mission of the church today.

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