Friday, April 11, 2008

why did you go to Opawa Baptist?

He was puzzled. He was senior in our denominational leadership. He was aware of the history of Opawa Baptist, 96 years old, a fine past. He was aware of my history, emerging church planter. And so he was honest enough to ask, “why did you go to Opawa?”

And this quote from Maggi Dawn’s blog says it better than I could yesterday.

“The really interesting questions that surround the Emerging conversation have less to do with the how and why of a deliberate strategy to re-create the shape of Church, and more to do with how the concerns of Emerging are, in fact, emerging in different settings all over the place – messily, imperfectly and in unexpected places – which, in fact, is more faithful to the concept of emergence. For many Emergers, the least expected place of all to find an emerging congregation would be slap in the middle of a suburban Parish church. But that’s what is going on in quite a lot of places.

And that’s the conversations I’m glad to be part of at Opawa.

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