Wednesday, August 05, 2009

working hard, gaining lots

Here’s my current schedule in terms of speaking this week.

Monday – 2 hours + initiating small groups + initiating case study, then evening “interview/conversation”
Tuesday – 2 hours + 3.5 hour workshop
Wednesday – 2 hours + 3 hour coaching + meeting regarding book project
Thursday – 2 hours + debrief case study + meeting
Friday – 2 hours, then homeward bound (5 hour flight).

The evenings involve preparing for the next day, mainly powerpoint and getting my head around the material. It’s all new stuff. I’m enjoying it tremendously and the response has been very positive. There has been a lot of energy as the rawness of the Bible, the dysfunction of the family life of Abraham and David, has intersected our human stories and our family ministries today. But I’m working hard and would appreciate prayers for health and energy.

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