Friday, August 31, 2007

worship participation on fathers day

As a way of gaining participation around Fathers Day, we have been inviting people to fill these postcards in – THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE Father’s Day First Class Seating, and send them to us. (Click to enlarge – 80K).

2007 fathers day promo.jpg

It’s a bit of thankful fun, with 2 fathers being given the best seats in the house: lazy boy armchairs, complete with free espresso and glass of bubbly and a Sunday paper. It’s also participation in worship, as we will be weaving the reasons on the response cards into our prayers and communion visuals. For me this is what liturgy as the work of the people is all about: it is not repeating words (whether sung or spoken) dictated from the front, but it is allowing people’s words and phrases to have voice in our worship.

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