Saturday, June 02, 2007

trinity sunday worship

Christians worship God as Trinity. It’s not an easy concept to ground. This has been made in preparation for our Sunday worship:


3 different Trinity art images;
accompanied by a brief explanation;
and a black band running continuously around the bottom.

Printed on a sheet of A4, on Sunday we will give them out and invite people to reflect on which one of the three images most connects them with the Trinity.

This will take some time, so we will add in some layers; including the images in colour rotating on PPT and music in the background (an upbeat version of Holy, Holy, Holy from Eucharist CD). Plus we will hand around biscuits – a cracker, a piece of cheese and a gerkin. (Idea sourced from our good friends, Tony and Jan). So if people have trouble getting your head around the Trinity, or interpreting the art images, well they can always just taste the trio, for 3 distinct, but together as one, is better than three alone.

Finally, the A4 sheet has a little tab at the end. So it can serve as a takehome – sellotaped together and can sit on a mantelpiece or desk top for the next few weeks, helping people continue to reflect on the Trinity.

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